Black Dragon Seats

Assembly Instructions

The unique feature of the Dragon meditation bench/seat is the way in which the legs are held in position by the combination of resting in grooves and being held in place by magnets. The use of magnets and the angled design of the legs means that the left leg with a burgundy dot only secures into the left side of the bench/seat (figure 1). The right leg with the yellow dot secures into the right side of the bench/seat. The legs and leg supports have anti-slip tape to reduce sliding on the floor.

The Black Dragon meditation seat is weight tested by Melbourne Testing Service Pty Ltd. "Upon completion of the 200kg proof load test, there was no visible evidence or fracture of the seat or any of the seat's components. Therefore the Black Dragon meditation seat successfully supported a test load of 200kg, providing a working load capacity of 100kg". October 2nd 2014

The weight of the Dragon bench is approximately 2.25kg

Length of bench 50cm. Width of bench 19cm. 

Low Position: Front of seat 12cm. Back of seat 15cm.

Middle Position: Front of seat 16cm. Back of seat 21cm.

High Position: Front of seat 19.5cm. Back of seat 24cm

Care Instructions:  A damp cloth will remove most marks to the integral skin seat pad.

The Low Position

With the legs secured under the seat the seat is in the LOW POSITION (figure 1). This is also the most compact position for transporting. To secure the legs under the bench place each leg so the matching coloured dots make contact with each other (burgundy to burgundy and yellow to yellow). When you do this correctly the black dragon emblem on the same side as the coloured dot matches the dragon emblem on the base of the bench.

The Middle Position

To use the bench in the MIDDLE POSITION (figure 2) remove the legs and insert the long straight edge of the leg into the groove with the coloured dot against the magnet in the leg support. Repeat to the other side.


The High Position

To use the bench in the HIGH POSITION (figure 3) remove the legs and insert the short straight edge of the leg in the groove making sure the magnet in the leg connects with the magnet in the leg support. Repeat to the other side.